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Grainger Energy Solutions Limited provide external insulation in Muine Bheag. The quality of our workmanship ensures your property is better insulated with an outstanding external finish. By wrapping your property in external insulation heat is retained within the building. This minimizes use of fossil fuels in heating our homes and businesses, saving money yet retaining comfort. There are a variety of finishes available and a huge selection of colours which can last for up to 20 years. When insulating your home or premises with us, there is minimal disruption as the work is being carried out externally and we ensure the job is carried out in a timely manner. Life can continue within the building uninterrupted during the upgrade of your property in Muine Bheag.

Our staff are trained and NSAI approved and we are SEAI registered External Insulation Installers in Muine Bheag. Grainger Energy Solutions has a strategy of teaming up with prominent construction professionals and world leading insulation manufacturers to create a superior quality insulated finish on your property.

Grainger Energy Solutions has been involved in a number of high profile jobs including a conversion for the Irish Wheelchair Association (IWA) featured on Duncan Stewart’s ‘About the House’ in Episode 6. Recently the 2015 winner of Ireland’s Home of the Year, retired couple Ita Molloy and Andrew Harvey’s home in West Cork featured Grainger Energy Solutions work. The outstanding blue rendered finish to Ireland’s best home was set in a perfect backdrop with stunning views. This environmentally friendly design was designed, project managed and built by Ita’s son Donn Ponnighaus who practises architecture in Malawi. Quoting Donn

Teach Maoildia is an environmental PassiveHaus that requires zero heating-energy and is simultaneously as close to a work of art as the constraints and my current architectural ability allow

Expert judges Declan O’Donnell, Hugh Wallace and Helen James picked the Cork house out of a short list of 21.

Why Insulate with Grainger Energy Solutions Limited?
Grainger Energy Solutions Limited provide external insulation in Muine Bheag to upgrade your property and save money in heating, maintenance yet maintaining comfort.

Does your Muine Bheag property cost a fortune to run?
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